Unreasonable Institute


Solving the world’s biggest problems by arming the entrepreneurs who can take them on with the mentorship, capital, and network to make it happen. We are an international mentor driven accelerator.

Unreasonable Group


We are a portfolio of for-profit companies working together to serve as a catalyst for entrepreneurship. We aspire is to address the greatest challenges of our time. We are impatient, we experiment often, and we have a healthy disregard for the impossible.



This website is a multi-channel blog and video library for those hungry to solve Big F***kin' Problems. Each day we publish 2 featured posts authored by some of the greatest entrepreneurs and investors of our time.

Unreasonable East Africa


Annually we unite 15 high-impact entrepreneurs from around East Africa in Uganda for 5-weeks. There we provide them with mentorship, access to capital, skill training and access to the Unreasonable Institute's global network of support.

Unreasonable Capital


Unreasonable Capital is an entrepreneur centric early-stage venture capital fund that invests exclusively into startups tackling seemingly intractable social and environmental challenges.

Unreasonable Galactic


Challenging our basic conceptions of space travel... but not just yet.

Unreasonable Media


A production company dedicated to leveraging the power of stories to shift paradigms and solve problems. We are not your average production company.

Unreasonable Mexico


We work with entrepreneurs in Mexico who are fighting social or environmental problems. Each year we invite 15 Mexican startup teams to live together for five weeks and participate in our mentor driven accelerator program.



Unreasonable@Sea is an experiment in transnational entrepreneurship to change the world. In 2013 we ran our first 100 day tech accelerator, on a ship, as it sailed over 25,000 nautical miles and ported in 14 countries.

Unreasonable Adventures


We are bringing the sister industries of adventure travel & eco-tourism online. Our goal? Leverage eco-tourism as a tool for sustainable economic development and adventure for conservation.

” The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: The unreasonable one persists in adapting the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man [and Woman]. “

In the summer of 2008, 17 young entrepreneurs and innovators from 14 different nationalities were brought together for a 5 week experiment. Unreasonable Institute would later be born out of this program...
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The pilot program of 2008 ultimately failed & it was out of the ashes of that program that the Unreasonable Institute was born. The first brand name we came up with was the Global Institute for Social Entrepreneurs (what were we thinking?)...
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In early 2009, the founding team of the First Unreasonable Institute was forged. Ignoring the age old adage that says you should never do business with friends, they united first as friends, and then as co-founders...
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Drawing on the fact they are the world's best incubator (supporting their rapidly growing young in the harshest climate in the world), Unreasonable selected the penguin as its official un-official mascot! It's our version of a thank you card.
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We officially opened applications in October of 2009 for the our inaugural Unreasonable Institute. We had no idea how many companies would apply and from where in the world the interest would come...
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In January 2010, the Unreasonable Marketplace was launched. It was a grand experiment, it created our first business model, and ultimately, thousands of people voted with their dollars to select the first class of Unreasonable Fellows.
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In July 2010, 22 entrepreneurs from 16 countries convened on Boulder for the first annual Unreasonable Institute. The group of entrepreneurs, mentors, and staff became a family. That family became the cornerstone of this movement.
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The Unreasonable Institute team wanted to get the learnings, experiences, and community of Unreasonable to the world so that more could be involved and inspired to be unreasonable. The way we did that was via a 10-part series that documented the Institute. We called it Unreasonable.tv!
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A year later, we launched the second Unreasonable Institute. We sought out later stage ventures, we fine tuned our selection process, we launched the world's first Unreasonable Climax and this summer, we welcomed 24 entrepreneurs from 16 countries to Boulder...
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One of the first companies in the Group portfolio was Unreasonable Media. We had always filmed the Institute's in the past and believed then, and today, that the power of story is integral to any lasting movement. In September of 2011, Unreasonable Media was born.
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The vision behind Unreasonable Group found its roots at the 1st Institute in 2010. By September 2011, Unreasonable Group officially launched! The vision? Create a portfolio of companies that would unleash a movement.
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In October of 2011, SWAE Sports was re-branded Unreasonable Adventures. Adventures was the first company within the portfolio of Group directly solving a BFP rather than supporting an ecosystem around solving BFP’s (i.e. Big F***ing Problems)
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The third Unreasonable Institute saw continued amplification of mentors and curriculum, as well as quality of entrepreneurs. For the first time, Unreasonable Institute ran an investor event in it's hometown of Boulder, CO.
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We launched UNREASONABLE.is in the Fall of 2012 out of a long seated desire to bring the skills, lessons learned, stories, and inspiration that is shared within the walls of an Institute, to the rest of the world.
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In January 2013, we set sail on a 100 day voyage that would span more than 40,000 nautical kilometers and take 10 tech companies into 14 different countries. It was an experiment in helping entrepreneurs solving our hardest problems scale into new international markets.
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To properly culminate the Unreasonable at Sea voyage, we partnered with the US State Department, Stanford's d.school, and the Aspen Institute to launch Unreasonable@State - A global convening of investors, policy makers, and entrepreneurs...
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Knowing a single Institute would not change the world, Unreasonable Institute found it's first teams outside the US to launch their own programs! Unreasonable East Africa became one of the first two new locations for the Unreasonable Institute (along with Mexico).
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Knowing a single Institute would not change the world, Unreasonable Institute found it's first teams outside the US to launch their own programs! Unreasonable Mexico became one of the first two new locations for the Unreasonable Institute (along with East Africa).
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Coming soon!
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Unreasonable Group teams up with the Nike Foundation to launch an intensive two-week program for entrepreneurs leading innovative startups positioned to benefit millions of girls in poverty: we called it the “Girl Effect Accelerator.”
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In an effort to add value to entrepreneurs while selecting their next scale locations, Unreasonable Institute launched Labs, their 5-day version of the flagship Institute products. Over 100 teams applied to run the first Labs...
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Our Values

It’s What Makes Us Unreasonable

We > I

We believe in pathological collaboration and we know that the greatness of what we achieve will be measured by the greatness of our teams, culture, and partners.


GYSHIDO is all about razor sharp focus and the art & craft of simply getting things done. Not familiar with the acronym? Visit www.gyshido.com.


Hide nothing. This includes both what we know (business models, financials, our failures), and equally as important, what we don’t know. We value vulnerability over perceived confidence. We see strength in vulnerability.


The desire to create significant impact is baked into our DNA and that of all Unreasonable organizations. We choose to focus our time, energy, and capital on putting a dent on our toughest challenges. We don’t ignore the data: we listen to it.


Unreasonable is founded by entrepreneurs and is dedicated to entrepreneurs. This means we experiment boldly, we adapt constantly, and we do so with the foresight that we will often times fail. We see failure as a necessary stepping stone towards success.

WWMD aka “What Would MacGyver Do?”

We believe in maximizing partnerships, realizing the potential of our team, not turning to “more money” as the answer, running a lean operation, and in short, doing as MacGyver would do.


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